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Julies' Restaurant
Johnny Ekperigin
For more than 30 years, Johnny Ekperigin has been the man behind Julie’s, Portland Road’s enduring bohemian haunt. He looks back over the years with Pendle Harte.

Everyone knows Julie’s. It’s one of London’s oldest restaurants and probably W11’s most established eateries.  


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Last month we featured Julie’s, focusing on the institution and the achievement of lasting nearly four decades in W11. Now we’re looking at the food. People have been coming back here for years, and it must be because they’re feeling well fed. Much of the place’s appeal lies in its stylish, bohemian interior and quirky layout, but the menu’s got to deliver too. 

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The few tables outside this Holland Park eatery are well worth booking if you fancy a hearty lunch and the chance to snoop at top fashion designers visiting Virginia Antiques directly opposite. The large pedestrianised area in front of Julie’s means you’re not going to inhale traffic fumes as you drink your first Kir Royale of the day, and with chic boutiques such as The Cross and Cath Kidston mere yards away, it’s a great pit-stop to recover from (or psyche yourself up to) a major shopping spree. A big favourite with actors dining incognito, be sure you fit the part with a giant pair of vintage sunglasses – perfect for staring at fellow diners without anyone realising.



Julie’s is the rock chick of the restaurant world, still alluring after more than 30 years - racy, irreverent, always welcoming and just that little bit dangerous. Since the Sixties, it has been a favourite haunt of the Notting Hill crowd, who like all those lavishly decorated, secretive rooms and the louche bar where time stands still. Julie’s has maintained its appeal, remaining a magnet for well-known names who avoid the paparazzi via a secret back door



It’s really romantic and it’s done up beautifully with loads of different little rooms. They have trees inside with white fairy lights in them. They also have little alcoves you can sit in for privacy. The food’s beautiful, European, and there’s always plenty of it. It’s not that posh and it’s really sweet. The perfect place to with a date.



Julie’s is tucked away on a sleepy avenue. The quaint eatery is something of a London institution and regularly attends to the hunger of A-listers



Julie’s in Notting Hill is now entertaining the children of it’s original client’s – and doing it just as well as ever. The setting feels like a private house with its small rooms, fireplaces and conservatory; the cooking is top modern fare.
35 year old favourite in pretty series of rooms, with odd corners and conservatory and open fire.”